April 2019 -- Present

Radar Systems Analyst at Delta Research Inc.

  • Develop pip installable python packages (with versioning) for analysis and visualization tools
  • Build C++ DLL's for python importing to allow C++ speed of efficiency for team members in a python environment by 150%
  • Implement multi-processing python code to improve python code efficiency by up to 300%
  • Create object oriented Python and C++ modules to increase coding efficiency and ease of use by others
  • Analyze radar data and systems in Python and C++
  • Design models of radar data and systems in Python and C++
  • Read and research new papers and articles to adapt modern programming and math techniques for analyzing data

May 2017 -- September 2018

Software Developer Intern/Contractor at Sandia National Laboratories

  • Lead software developer for LabVIEW and MATLAB GUIs to run experiment and visualize data collected
  • Trained team members in LabVIEW and MATLAB for GUI control, GUI development and data analysis
  • Wrote MATLAB code for data analysis and data visualization
  • First author of research paper on data analysis of spray combustion [publication pending]
  • Wrote clean, clear and well-tested code for data collection and data analysis in MATLAB
  • Implemented object oriented programming to control lab instruments

November 2015 -- May 2017

Research Assistant at Arizona State University

  • Conducted data analysis in Python, cleaned data, modeled results and visualized data
  • Developed code in Python for autonomous and clean data collection
  • Wrote honor's thesis on the analysis and visualization of noise in detectors using regression models

May 2016 -- August 2016

Research Intern at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

  • Created Python code to automate data collection and control of lab experiments
  • Used Python to analyze and visualize data
  • Designed, modeled and ordered parts for experimental testing apparatus with SolidWorks
  • Reviewed and submitted engineering drawings for ordering parts


January 2020 -- Present (Expected December 2021)

University of Alabama Huntsville

  • Masters of Science in Computer Science
  • GPA : 4.0

August 2013 -- May 2017

Barret the Honors College at Arizona State University

  • Bachelors of Science in Physics
  • Minor in Astrophysics
  • GPA : 4.0