Paul Abers

  • Computer Programmer
  • Scientist and Engineer
  • Data Enthusiast
  • Photographer

Critical Thinker.



I am a STEM-focused individual with professional and personal interests in programming, math, research and data analytics.

I specialize in Python and also have work experience with C++ and MATLAB. In my free time, I have also taught myself Haskell, HTML, CSS, R and SQL. I particularly enjoy functional programming, especially in Haskell and now implement some of the core foundations in my python code.

I relish the opportunity to continually learn and broaden my horizons. I thrive in environments that challenge me intellectually and push me to my limits.

I have a number of hobbies that also help fill my free time, including, but not limited to, rock climbing, photography, golf, travelling and cooking. I have independently travelled throughout Asia and Europe, visiting over 30 countries from Indonesia to Iceland, trekking to base camp at Mt. Everest and Annapurna, scuba diving in Thailand and Indonesia, backpacking in the Scottish highlands and ice climbing in Iceland.