Getting outside is the name of the game.

Golf: As Mark Twain once said, "Golf is a good walk spoiled", and he could not have been more correct. Golf is a perfect way to ruin a beautiful sunday morning with disappointment, frustration and seething rage. Somehow though, it constantly draws people back for more. Golf requires intense focus, precise movements and a calm composure in order to succeed. One of my favorite aspects of golf is that anybody, at any time, can hit a shot that even a professional would be jealous of. Everyone has the potential for greatness on any given shot, the difference is truly great golfers just make less mistakes. It is an unforgiving sport that offers extreme highs and lows.

Uhhhh, grehhhh. Those are the most common sounds you will hear out of me while I am Rock Climbing. Each move somehow seems to elicit another grunt of exertion out of me as I pull myself higher and higher up the cliff face. Rock climbing is a great mix of endurance, power and mental toughness. Being suspended, or for the truly daring, not suspended, many feet above the hard ground is a thrilling experience. There is a small part in the back of your mind questioning the structural integrity of your rope and equipment. The secret to climbing is to just not fall! Unfortunately, that level of skill is reserved for mountain goats and Alex Honnold. For me, rock climbing is a great means of exercise as well as a meditatitve experience as it allows me to clear my head and focus on a simple task. One foot, one hand in front of the other.

Skiing: The strongest reason to cheer for winter and snow. For some reason, I have always been drawn to snowcapped mountains and snow covered trees. There is something incredibly beautiful about the white blanket of snow that masks hillsides and mountain slopes. Skiing is great for a number of reasons, one of which is that falling into snow does not particularly hurt! It is not often that you can barrell down at 20 mph, fall aggressively and pop up laughing. I started skiing after I turned twenty-one and I wish I could have started sooner. Either way, yearly trips to the mountain to "shred some powder" will forever be on my list of things to do come winter season.

Scuba Diving: To be completely honest, I do not consider scuba diving a sport, but I am including it anyways. My first descent into the deep was a little unsettling at first, but since then it has been nothing but fun. I have always wanted to travel to space and other planets since I was kid. Being an astronaut was a dream of mine. In college, my professor was an astronaut. He said something poetic that has always stuck with me, "Scuba diving is the closest most people can ever get to space, aliens or other worlds". He was right. Scuba diving is a great experience, visiting a world not of humans, but of fish. Everything about the underwater world is different. I have seen many different species of fish while diving. Some of my favorites include octopuses, cuttlefish, rays, eels and any and all bioluminescent fish. I have also had the chance to do a wreck dive of a sunken warship, which was a strange and enthralling adventure. Seeing the ocean consume a once powerful military vessel was a once in a lifetime experience. The cold, dark and empty halls and rooms were haunting, made worse by the occasional large, shadowed fish swimming in and out of view.

Flying: Now this is definitely not a sport but it is a great pasttime. I currently have a private pilot's license and am looking to get my instrument rating. I have explored the world of fish with scuba diving, now it is time to explore the world of birds with flying. I remember as a kid reading about the Wright Brothers and their exciting first flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carlolina. Since then, I have been fascinated by flying. The physics and engineering that goes into flying is fun to learn about and even more fun to apply.